About Novel PPE

Novel PPE offers a range of personal protective equipment including products that are Made in South Africa and Imported. We only use suppliers with genuine certifications and manufacturing standards. Please contact us if you need any further information regarding our offering, or if you require items that are not on our product list.

As defined by WikipediaPersonal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothinghelmetsgoggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.

Chief consumers of PPE include medical, mining, oil and gas, construction, waste management, fisheries and manufacturing, but most industries utilise PPE in some way or another.

With the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus PPE has become a part of everyday life.